26 Friends is a reference to the letters of the english alphabet. letters (and the words they make) are my main tools of trade.
26 Friends aims to inform, uplift, entertain and occasionally challenge readers.

The Dingo Lady

Berenice Walters (1928-2002) was recognised by many people as Australia's leading authority on dingoes. She developed a fascination for Australia's native dog when she visited Sydney's Taronga Zoo as a child. Known as the 'Dingo Lady', Berenice formed the Australian Native Dog Training Society in 1976. It was based at her 17-hectare property 'Merigal' near Bargo in the New South Wales southern highlands. The aim of the non-profit organisation was to improve the status and welfare of the dingo.

Berenice devoted her life to studying dingoes and to making people aware that dingoes are an integral part of Australia's native fauna.

I was privileged to meet Berenice in October 1991, when I was working as a freelance photo-journalist. I later filed this story for the Illawarra Mercury newspaper in Wollongong.

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