26 Friends is a reference to the letters of the english alphabet. letters (and the words they make) are my main tools of trade.
26 Friends aims to inform, uplift, entertain and occasionally challenge readers.

God's remarkable rescue plan

Recently I watched an episode of Bondi Rescue. This TV series documents the heroic efforts of the lifeguards on Sydney’s iconic Bondi beach. In this particular episode, two young Americans, both videography students, jumped into the surf with Go-Pro cameras and began filming themselves while floating in the ocean. The trouble was they had not noticed warning signs on the beach and had waded straight into a rip. By the time they realised they were being sucked out to sea, they were powerless to get back to shore. They needed rescuing.

Fortunately, a guard in the lookout tower had been keeping an eye on them and alerted her colleagues on the beach. Two lifeguards paddled out to the men, dragged them onto their boards and brought them to safety. Another happy rescue story!

The bible too is a rescue story. It outlines God’s plan to save us from our selfishness. It says we are powerless to save ourselves. So God sent his son Jesus to rescue us. The gospel of Mark contains a good summary of this remarkable rescue story.


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