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Manildra to Molong

Manildra to Molong


Former country journalist turned writer Greg McFarland has released his first book, Manildra to Molong and All Points West. It's a collection of 18 short stories that he has written during recent years. Some of the stories have won awards in various writing competitions. The focus of all the stories is on the lives and events of people and places in the New South Wales central west.

Greg's passion for country life clearly shows in his writing. Most of the stories are based on seemingly ordinary events, but he has an ability to develop these into interesting tales that sometimes take you to unexpected places.

Greg is a talented writer. As a journalist, he picked up a coveted Walkley Award for community and regional affairs reporting in 2008. He is already working on his next book.

Manildra to Molong and All Points West offers an easy and enjoyable read. You will find it in most bookshops between Katoomba and Dubbo.

  • Disclaimer: I was Greg's proofreader for this book

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